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Cancellation and Refund Policy

We have all been through turbulent times in 2020. Fortunately, the worst part of it appears to be past us and the global tourism industry is on the mend. You can’t imagine how happy we are to see travellers in the savannah again. We realized that the roar of a safari vehicle engine in the early morning hours is the most pleasant sound for our ears and that we had missed it dearly.

We understand that booking a trip and sending money to Africa may seem risky. Understandably, there are many concerns to keep in mind: what will happen if the new restrictions are put in? what if my flight is canceled, and I miss the expedition dates? What if I catch COVID-19 and am not able to travel?

We have answers to all of these questions. All expeditions of Shiri are financially risk-free for our customers.

Your options if you need to cancel a trip

If you book your Kilimanjaro adventure with Shiri Adventures, and for some reason are unable to travel, the following options are available:

You may freely change the dates of your trip. We offer flexibility for our clients – if you have an unfortunate hold-up to your travel plans, you may reschedule your climbing dates for another time. The exception here is if you decide to reschedule your climb less than 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. With such short notice, we would have organized supplies for the trip and paid park entry fees.

Lifetime deposits We allow indefinite holds on your deposit, and you will be able to use it for any trip with us in the future. This rule applies without reservation for all our adventures.

Please note that if you are planning a safari trip with us, this option will be subject to the cancellation penalties of the safari hotels and lodges. All our partnered hotels and lodges understand the global uncertainty brought by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and try to be flexible as well. Usually, we will be able to place your full deposit on hold if informed 30 days before the start of your safari trip.

Getting a refund. We have never frozen any payment ever paid to us, and if you decide to cancel your adventure, we will be able to provide you with a refund. During the peak of the pandemic in the summer of 2020, Shiri Adventures was proud to have made all refunds to every client who had to cancel their trip.

Some of our clients told us that they got sick with the coronavirus and asked for a refund, which we readily provided. Please note: being sick or having other valid reasons for the cancellation is not necessary – we will return your deposit under any circumstances. After all, it is your money. The only thing required is an email to confirm the cancellation.

Please note: Our deposit for reserving a place for the trip is only 20% only, and this deposit is refundable & fully transferable if you decide to change the dates of your adventure.

But we would like to reconfirm that if you decided to pay the price for your trip in full before arriving in Tanzania for security or other reasons, the amount is fully refundable.

What makes us so confident?

It is fair to ask why we are so sure of our ability to be flexible and make refunds when the global tourism sector is in shambles. Here is what we have to say:

When we just started our work, our management made the right decision to launch an emergency fund. Every month we contributed a certain amount of our earnings to that fund. Of course, we have never imagined that anything as impactful as COVID-19 would ever happen, but this fund turned out to be much more opportune. We did not have to scrap here and there to make the payouts.

Finally, we always put people before profits. We understand that the uncertainty of today is nerve-racking for many, and we don’t want our customers to feel insecure even for a minute. When circumstances change, or our customer needs to cancel a trip, we try to help in whatever way we can. We believe that if we show flexibility and understanding, our customers will travel with us later. Shiri Adventures is committed to making everyone happy and confident in their adventures with us.

Want to know more about Tanzania adventures?

Reach out to us! We know Tanzania. Our adventure experts will be happy to offer our travel guide and assist you in making travel plans.

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