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Shiri Adventures – Privacy Policy

The protection of your personal information is critical to us. Thus, we want you to understand our Privacy Policy and its impact on you. If you have any questions below, contact us at our email for clarification.

What is personal information?

Personal information is information that can be used to identify you. Such information typically includes your name, address, email, information about your health, travel itineraries, etc.

How do we collect personal information?

There are different ways for personal information to reach our company. Clients like you provide this information when talking to our managers by phone, email, live chat on our website, or other means of digital and traditional communication.

In addition, your personal information may be provided to us by third parties, such as travel agents and agencies, travel marketplaces and platforms, insurance providers, and people who are booking with us on your behalf.

Booking your travel with us

While booking your travel to Tanzania with Shiri Adventures, both directly and through the network of our partnered travel agencies, travel marketplaces, and other travel professionals and resources, you consent to the collection, use, and disclosure to the third parties, which are various accommodations and third party travel experiences providers in Tanzania and the Tanzania National Parks Authority, the following information:

  • Your passport information (name, age, nationality, and number)
  • Residency
  • Email address and phone number, emergency contact number
  • Insurance details
  • Health and medical information
  • Meals and nutrition
  • Tour details (hotels and itinerary)
  • Payment information

Sometimes our adventures involve using third-party providers of accommodation, such as hotels and lodges, and travel experiences, for example, hot air ballooning in Serengeti. To make these parts of your adventure happen, we may need to provide your personal information to these providers; for example, our partnered hotels always ask for dietary and nutrition intake to provide excellent and safe service. These third parties, however, may not use your data for any purposes but to provide services related to your tour to Shiri Adventures. By booking our adventure trips, you agree to these disclosures.

In addition to that, we may use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Recommending the most suitable travel products to you and helping you to understand if they will be safe and enjoyable;
  • Providing information about our travel products;
  • Providing customer care and support services and resolving any issues related to our travel products;
  • Making sure that our travel products are safe for you;
  • Exercising regular business administration tasks (such as accounting);
  • We are making sure that we, as a company, are complying with the prevailing laws and regulations of Tanzania and other countries.

Booking your adventure through a travel agency

If you book your trip to Shiri Adventures through one of our partnered travel agents or agencies, you understand and acknowledge that we will collect your personal information from them.

Booking on behalf of other travellers

Suppose you are booking with our company on behalf of another person (e.g.your travel companion or when our trip is a gift you are making). In that case, you should ensure that the person for whom a booking is made is made aware of this policy and our terms and conditions.


Our company is working with many partners from all over the world. These partners help us to promote our adventure travel trips (usually by providing consulting and marketing services), generate leads for us, etc. For better targeting and more effective marketing, we sometimes disclose generalized, non-identifiable information about our customers to them.


If you leave a review about your travel experience with Shiri Adventures, this review may be published on our website with your name indicated there (unless you used a nickname while publishing it).

Provision of personal information under the law

We may also disclose your personal information in the cases described in the prevailing laws of Tanzania and the countries where we operate. Such circumstances may include a court order or other legally valid order of inquiry.

We may also disclose personal information when defending against legal claims or preventing actual or suspected harm to property or loss.

Medical information

If necessary, we may share your medical and health-related information with the relevant medical personnel. Medical information is not shared with the third-party providers of travel experiences or the government unless the circumstances of such a disclosure warrant that it is in your vital interest. You may always opt out of providing us with your medical and health-related information. However, it is highly recommended you give this information to ensure your experience with us is safe.

Job applications

If you apply for a job with Shiri Adventures, we will collect and use your personal information to determine if you fit the role you are applying for. If your job application is successful, then your data will be stored in our human resources department by the established protocols.

Protection of your personal information

Our company is taking reasonable technical and other measures to ensure that all types of personal information at our disposal are stored safely and securely and not accessible by unauthorized parties. A limited number of our staff (usually a manager handling your booking and your trip leader) know your personal information.

We regularly audit our website for security holes and other vulnerabilities.

In addition, we do not store your personal information longer than it may be necessary to provide our services.

Personal information of the minors

We do not knowingly collect personal information from minors (under 18). If you are a minor, parental consent or consent of a legal guardian is required to use our services.

Financial information

The financial information provided to us, such as the numbers of your credit cards and CVV codes, are further encrypted through SSL technology.

No paid disclosure to the third parties

We never sell our customer lists to any third parties. The only cases when we may disclose your personal information to a third party are described above; such disclosures are never financial.

Photo and Video

Sometimes your photo or video may be taken by a member of our staff, a professional photographer hired by us, or another traveller. Our experienced photographers are instructed to always seek permission before taking a photo. However, it is advisable to inform your trip leader, a photographer, and other trekkers in advance if you do not want to be photographed.

Sometimes, we may appoint a professional photographer to the group to make promotional images posted on our website or used in our printed brochures and other publications. In such cases, we will seek your written consent.

Transfer of personal information to other parties

When it becomes necessary for us to share your personal information with the third parties mentioned above, we are always trying to ensure that the parties with whom your information is shared are applying solid confidentiality and privacy management protocols that comply with the prevailing regulations.

The overwhelming majority of such third parties are located in the EU, UK, Australia, and the United States, where the standards of confidentiality and privacy issues management are known to be high.

Your rights regarding the personal information

We are committed to reassuring our customers that you have complete control over the personal information provided to us. Thus, according to the laws and regulations currently in place, some of your rights concerning personal information include:

  • At all times, you may ask us to correct or update your personal information if it is, for some reason, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete;
  • You may ask us to provide you with the company of information about you that we hold;
  • You may ask us to stop using your data;
  • You may ask us to delete all or some of your personal information, which we keep;
  • You may inform us that you would like to withdraw all consents about the personal information you gave us before.

We will always try to act as instructed; however, in some cases, your decision relating to the personal information provided to us may have inevitable consequences. After you submit your request, our managers will inform you of the products your request will entail.

Also, if you are a resident of the European Economic Area, under the GDPR, you have the following additional rights:

  • You may withdraw your consent for us to use your information for marketing goals;
  • Withdraw your consent for us to process your data;
  • Request us to transfer your personal information to you or a designated third party.

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